February Is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month


Did you know that rabbits are the third most common pet found at area animal shelters?

Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month was created in 2002 by the ASPCA.  Petfinder.com joined forces with them that year to celebrate the first annual Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit month. It appears to be celebrated mainly in the USA and in Canada.

There are wonderful organizations rescuing abandoned domestic baby rabbits, providing them with medical care, finding permanent homes for them and educating the public about their care.  They work tirelessly to reduce rabbit overpopulation and abandonment, and to establish rabbits as companion animals that deserve the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as cats and dogs that live as human companions.

Many rabbit parents feel guilty leaving them alone while they go to work.  Adopting a second bunny is a perfect solution for both.  Contrary to what you might think, two rabbits are not twice the work.  They share food and water bowls, living space and the litter-box.   They keep each other company, entertain and groom each other.  But it is important to introduce rabbits carefully to one another and allow them to bond over time.  Once they are bonded they snuggle and take care of each other.

If you are looking for a great pet, consider adopting a rabbit because:

  1. Rabbits are mellow, quite and make great family pets!
  2. Rabbits are the third most common pet found at area animal shelters!
  3. Many of you who are allergic to cats and dogs WON’T be allergic to rabbits!

A word of caution:  rabbits live 10-12 years so make sure you are committed for the lifetime of the animal.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, make plans to attend the SoCal Pet Expo at the Fairplex in Pomona February 20 & 21.  AdoptAShelter.com is donating it’s booth space (#616) to Bunny World Foundation so they can find more homes for rescued rabbits.   Stop by and meet founder Lejla Hadzimuratovic and her team.  And remember… whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Spring Break or Easter, just shop to donate to your favorite rabbit rescue!

About the Author

Angela Ruben, MBA, is Co-Founder and COO of AdoptAShelter.com. She has been in the companion animal industry for two decades and writes about how consumers can help shelters and rescues.