The Ultimate Treats For Dogs


The pups have been having a great time chomping through our latest products up for review!  Bullwrinkles sent a box full of bones, jerky, and animal body parts for the dogs to gnaw on.  Personally, I prefer to snack on potato chips, but the dogs enjoyed these treats and that’s the important thing.  As many dogs do, mine loved every type of dehydrated and smoked delicacy I tossed at them, so there are certainly no negatives to be found in that department.   A few of the products smell a bit nasty, which is to be expected from animal components receiving minimal processing.  I count that as a mark in favor of the company and I simply gave my dogs the chews on top of a towel to protect the carpet.  Also, as with ALL items a dog can stick in their mouth, they should be supervised while imbibing in the chompage. This review will be focused on the details behind the products, such as the safety and quality profiles of the company’s sourcing and production processes.

Bullwrinkles sources raw ingredients from the U.S.A. and Canada, and the products are processed in a food-grade plant in Ontario, Canada.  The company uses minimal processing techniques that kill bacteria while preserving the meaty goodness.  They also avoid added chemicals that may be dangerous to your dog’s health.  A Bullwrinkles spokesperson explained that they, unlike many companies, smoke the bones with maple shavings rather than simply add a smoke flavor.  Serendipitously, I have an acquaintance that has actually been to tour the production process so I reached out for details about her experience. Renowned author and columnist Su Ewing shares my dedication to finding great products for pet people so I knew I could trust her perspective.   She supported the information I received from the company, confirmed that her dogs loved the products too, and wrote: “After touring the factory, and watching all the precautions taken during the making of the treats, I feel even better. “

Bullwrinkles makes a HUGE variety of treats and snacks for pups, including dehydrated meats, jerky styles, bones, and bully sticks.  They also produce some private label products for stores but the easiest way to get the yummies for your dog is to go through, pick your shelter and search Bullwrinkles.  That way your dog is happy and you raise funds for your favorite animal shelter!

About the Author

Jacqueline Munera is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and does cat and dog behavior and training consultations through her business Positive Cattitudes. She is especially interested in promoting positive attitudes about cats and is passionate about using operant conditioning techniques to improve the lives of cats everywhere. Jacqueline also presents nationally and internationally on a variety of cat and dog training and behavior topics. You can see some of her training videos, including Ankle Attack, the winner of the 2007 Karen Pryor Canis Film Festivals feline division and Cat Burger-lar, a finalist in the 2009 film festival, on her YouTube channel