Kathy Ireland, Lisa Vanderpump And Pinups For Pitbulls Are Shopping For A Pawsitive Cause This Holiday Season… And So Should You!

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The key shopping season is upon us.  Most retailers bank on the period between Black Friday and New Years Eve to turn a profit.  No matter how big or small, every merchant in our cash-rewards mall is focused on capturing your money before you spend it elsewhere.  The good news is that regardless of their profitability, all of the 700+ stores in our mall donate a percentage of everything you buy to animal welfare organizations, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

This year, our 5th Anniversary, we wanted to celebrate by spreading the word about the FREE Power & Potential of AdoptAShelter.com to more and more animal lovers. So we enlisted the help of our dear friends Kathy Ireland, Lisa Vanderpump and Pinups For Pitbulls.  We are humbled and thrilled to have these wonderful and successful women headlining our 2016 Shop For A Pawsitive Cause campaign and helping the 8+ million animals in U.S. shelters.

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In addition to the cash-donations, here are the Top-5 reasons to shop online:

  1. Shop in your pajamas from the comfort and safety of your home.
  2. Reduce your Carbon Pawprint and stress by avoiding crowds and traffic.
  3. Spend more time enjoying and less time preparing for the holidays.
  4. Better prices, a greater variety and easier comparison shopping.
  5. Shop around the world because the Internet never closes and you can ship items directly to recipients.

Be sure and sign up for our monthly eNewsletter.  It’s the only way you will be entered to win one of three fabulous gift packages valued at $150+ from Vanderpump Pets®, Kathy Ireland® and Pinups For Pitbulls®.  The winners will be announced on December 22, 2016.

Kathy Ireland

“This Christmas, please open your hearts to the wonderful shelter organizations, which care for animals in need.  Those of us who know the joy of having a family member pet and a loved one can never comprehend abandonment, abuse, neglect and even, tragically, the torture that shelter animals endure.  Somehow, these amazing souls never lose their ability to love.  Please choose an organization today that will benefit from your gracious heart.  Best of all, prepare your home and family for the addition of a new loved one from an animal shelter.  The love, licks, kisses and purrs you’ll receive will be priceless.  Merry Christmas to everyone on two legs and four paws!  Love, Kathy.”

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Your Adopt-A-Shelter® Team.


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Chris Ruben is Founder & CEO of AdoptAShelter.com.