The Perfect Fit Feeder™

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Initially, I didn’t see how I was going to review a feeder meant for large breed dogs when my tallest dog is a pit-type/lab mix who was the runt of his litter.  Basically, he’s not all that tall!  However, he is about 14 years old and Paula at Perfect Fit Feeder said it is great for seniors to use.  So she sent me one at no cost and I am really glad we tried it out.

On first glance, right out of the box, I was slightly disappointed in the product because it looked a bit wimpy.  Just some plastic poles, with rubber rings and two large plastic rings.  Assembly took under a minute and was super easy.  Later, I learned that there is also an informative video demo.  Once I assembled the feeder, I was surprised at how sturdy the product actually is.  The legs fit in the base very tightly so there isn’t any wobbling around and the rubber rings are easy to move up and down on the supports.  My dog used the feeder at the lowest height but I experimented with raising the supports and trying to make it fall over or wobble.  The feeder was still very secure, even at its max height.  The included stainless steel bowl is very lightweight and easy to clean.  I hadn’t actually thought of using this outside until I looked at the company website, but I agree that it is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor use.  It certainly would be very easy to hose off!

The only improvement I would recommend is that the company add a layer of some non-slip material under the feeder’s base.  When I tested the feeder on tile and linoleum, it slipped around the floor very easily.  I didn’t deduct a paw rating for this because a lot of feeding bowls suffer from this same issue and pet parents simply compensate by using a non-slip mat underneath.

Overall, I was surprisingly pleased with the Perfect Fit Feeder and will continue to use it for my senior dog’s wet food while using puzzle toys for his dry food.  I give this product a Five Paw rating!  Hmmmm, maybe a Perfect Fit Feeder puzzle toy should be next on the company’s to-do list?  

About the Author

Jacqueline Munera is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and does cat and dog behavior and training consultations through her business Positive Cattitudes. She is especially interested in promoting positive attitudes about cats and is passionate about using operant conditioning techniques to improve the lives of cats everywhere. Jacqueline also presents nationally and internationally on a variety of cat and dog training and behavior topics. You can see some of her training videos, including Ankle Attack, the winner of the 2007 Karen Pryor Canis Film Festivals feline division and Cat Burger-lar, a finalist in the 2009 film festival, on her YouTube channel