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Most people know me for my books about feline health, but I have a confession: I’ve gone down the dog-side!  Last year, I adopted a nine-year-old Pug-mix named Burt.  He’s a fabulous little guy.  He’s sweet, well-mannered and he loves, loves, loves our kitties.

I’ve noticed lately when he lays down on his side, he bunny kicks his back legs.  He was diagnosed with arthritis.  His vet prescribed medication twice a week.

Burt may only weigh 23 pounds, but he’s crazy strong.  It’s very hard to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do, like taking pills.  So twice a week I had to join the National Canine Wrestling Association.

I recently received some samples of NWS soft & chewy Hide+A+Pill medicating treats.  They’re soft treats you can mold around a capsule or tablet, masking the smell and taste of the medicine.  The theory is, if the pooch can’t smell or taste it the meds, he’ll just think it’s a treat.

Fresh Breath Regular Front

The ingredient list is short; all of the ingredients are easily pronounceable.  It doesn’t contain artificial gunk, grain, wheat, corn or soy.  I’m not a fan of the garlic powder that shows up in the two meat flavors, but it appears toward the end of the ingredient list.  It’s likely in trace amounts.  I’ll let it pass.  Each treat only contains four calories.

A 5.3-ounce bag contains a total of 30 malleable treats in 15 two-treat cellophane sealed wrappers.  This is good because the last treats are as fresh as the first and not dried out and hard like other similar products.

It was the moment of truth.  Would picky Burt take his pill inside the Hide+A+Pill treat?  Yes, he did.  Enthusiastically.  Yea!  He also scarfed down the Smokey Beef. However, he wasn’t as interested in the Peanut Butter and Banana.

NWS Roasted Chicken and Smokey beef Hide+A+Pill treats have the Burt the Pug Seal of Approval.  Pill time equals treat time, and I get to retire from the Canine Wrestling Association.

Fresh Breath Regular FrontFresh Breath Regular Front

In the spirit of full disclosure, NWS sent me the samples in exchange for an honest review.


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