How AdoptAShelter Works

You can earn money for the shelter or rescue of your choice every time you shop online at hundreds of top retailers.

  • Choose Shelters in the menu, then click Select A Shelter to find the one you want to help.

  • Click the yellow Shop Now button to choose that shelter & begin shopping.

  • Find your favorite store on the Shop page, then click to go directly to their website.
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Every time you make a purchase in this manner, AdoptAShelter.com makes a donation
(in the amount of the donation % shown for that retailer) to the shelter you selected.

So, who are we anyway? Meet the team

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    Co-Founder & COO
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    Angela Ruben
  • Dusty
    VP & Editor-in-Chief
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    Dusty Rainbolt
  • Chris-Ruben-Edit-28012014
    Founder & Chairman
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    Chris Ruben
  • Jazzy and Jacque medium
    Blogger & Product Reviewer
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    Jacqueline Munera
  • Ken Morgan
    VP of Events
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    Ken (Tank) Morgan
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    EVP Strategy & Policy
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    Leslie Toombs
What People Are Saying
  • What a great way to raise money for animals. We are getting our entire community, businesses and churches involved.
  • We are thrilled to receive our first gift through AdoptAShelter! Thank you again for including us in this opportunity to raise more funds to benefit our shelter and our animals.
  • We love how simple and convenient your site is to use to help animals.


Why should I use AdoptAShelter.com?
EVERY time you shop using AdoptAShelter.com, you earn more money for your favorite animal charity. 100% of the donation displayed on AdoptAShelter.com goes to your shelter / organization.
How much does it cost?
AdoptAShelter.com is a FREE service to shelters, animal-related causes and you! There is NO catch: Adopt-A-Shelter is just tapping into the existing internet economy and redirecting some of the revenue already being generated to help animals.
Am I paying the price when I use AdoptAShelter.com?
Yes! Shopping through AdoptAShelter.com is exactly the same as going to the merchant directly; prices, customer service, sales and discounts are all the same.
What if I don’t see the shelter/organization I want to adopt?
Go to the Shelter Application page, complete the form and submit it. It usually takes 3-5 business days for approval.
Can I adopt more than one shelter/organization?
Yes! You can change the shelter you are adopting any time. Simply choose another shelter/organization here and click on Shop Now button!
How often does my shelter/organization receive money?
Adopt-A-Shelter issues checks once per calendar quarter. The minimum check amount issued is $25. Funds below this minimum carry over until $25 accrues. It takes an average of 60 days after an order has shipped (or travel has commenced) before the transaction is posted, allowing merchants time to report merchandise returns.
Can I see how much my shelter/organization has earned?
Yes! Each donation Adopt-A-Shelter makes to a shelter is posted on the website. Updated donation totals are posted every calendar quarter.
Is shopping through AdoptAShelter.com secure?
Yes! AdoptAShelter.com does not require you to register with us, nor do you need to download or install anything. We DO NOT collect any of your personal information in order for you to support the shelter(s) / organization(s) of your choice. The only data we track are the sales commissions by shelter / organization. We offer an optional "Opt-In" Newsletter that includes tips for your pet, extra discounts and shopping reminders. Every merchant in the Adopt-A-Shelter network offers a safe and secure online shopping experience. The shopping cart, checkout process, credit card billing, shipping, and fulfillment of your order are entirely handled by the online retailer (not by Adopt-A-Shelter), just as though you had reached their store directly. Going through AdoptAShelter.com special links simply allows us to track the donation to your shelter. You will recognize a great number of our merchants, and others will be lesser known. We strive to bring you the most desirable and reputable merchants, and our list of merchant-partners is growing every month. Merchants whose conduct is not acceptable to Adopt-A-Shelter or our users will be removed from our partner network.
Do all purchases qualify for a donation?
The vast majority of purchases do qualify for a donation. Each merchant has their own rules and conditions, and on occasion some purchases may not qualify. For example, many merchants do not pay commissions for gift cards or gift certificates. Also, some travel sites offer periodic specials that do not qualify for commissions. You can see the exceptions for a particular store if you rollover the word "Donation" on any stores on the Shop page, if there are no exceptions then no information is displayed.


We are looking for a few good animal lovers!

If you love helping animals in need and telling others about it, we want you to be an ambassador in your community. Promote AdoptAShelter.com to local animal charities, businesses, churches and media outlets. Help your hometown organizations earn more donations.

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