Rescue Animal Mp3 Project

Rescue Animal Mp3 Project, 501c3 donates Calming Music FREE-OF-CHARGE to animal shelters. Mp3 players are filled with 30 hours pre-recorded music that is specifically formulated to provide a calmer environment. Animals are better able to cope with the stress of shelter environments, and in turn, this improves their quality of life and increases their chance of acquiring forever homes. Through donations, we have installed the music in more than 200 shelters in 46 states, calming over 25,000 shelter animals, with very positive feedback. For more information visit or call 330-266-2500. To receive a free-of-charge Mp3 player, shelters please fill out an application online at Shelters must be non-profit or government-run and house a minimum of ten animals which are available for adoption. Visit for more information and videos demonstrating the amazing calming effects in a shelter and Shelter Directors observations. Pamela Fisher, DVM, Founder/Director

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About Rescue Animal Mp3 Project
Contact: Pamela Fisher, DVM
Phone: 330-266-2500
7211 Wales Ave NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720